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Thread: Problem / Question for anyone actively using "Mighty Channels"

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    Question Problem / Question for anyone actively using "Mighty Channels"

    Hello, first of all I have searched countless times for this answer and if this has been answered before feel free to give me a few good terms to help me search or better yet a link to the thread.

    My Problem / Question: With Mighty Channels I cannot get any "channels" to display that aren't both installed on the Wii's real nand and on the emulated nand. If I uninstall a channel from the real nand then it disappears from the list, like wise if I uninstall from the e-nand. Is this normal? Does Mighty Channels require channels on the e-nand to be on the real nand as well, and if so why even use Mighty Channels?

    Below is not required to be read but felt I should put it in.

    The reason I wanted to use Mighty Channels is so that I can have more space for "channels" as the Wii's space is very limited.

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    Take a look at the Mighty Channels guide in the tutorials section and post your problem there.

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