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Thread: Playing Online - Question

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    Playing Online - Question

    So before I discovered this site and all this stuff. I was running a normal Wii on 3.4U. I was playing world at war with the internet an getting all green bars for connection.

    Since I downgraded to 3.2U I am getting one red bar. Just barely holding onto a game connection. The internet browser an the news channel and all that work great. Just the game I get such a bad connection I put 3 clicks into people an they don't die.

    Is this lag due to the 3.2 ?

    Now can I upgrade to 3.4 when I want to play online and then downgrade to 3.2 when i wanna play my burnt games ?

    Do I need to worry about any of the homebrew stuff ? Like starfall, the ios files I installed ?

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    its due to connection, and host connects not firmware =P


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