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Thread: a safe site 2 download wiiware wads?

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    a safe site 2 download wiiware wads?

    is there any good & safe sites which i could download wiiware wads from! i also want 2 play let's catch badly!!!

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    =\. man ive linked you to the "please read" topic atleast once, and told you to go to atleast once, both places link to wiiware wads

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    check signature.

    be sure to thank the thread's creator. The guy is doing a ton of work.

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    ok, i'll do that!
    so where can i get let's catch.wad???

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sonicdude1995 View Post
    ok, i'll do that!
    so where can i get let's catch.wad???
    if its not here, then ask someone for it or look, im not a slave, if u dont care enough to try to find it i wont care enough to look

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    i've been looking up 4 it high & low! so who should i ask?

  8. #8 bad Let's Catch isn't released yet. There isn't even a release date for it. TBA 2009

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    i mean it's the japanese version!!!


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