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Thread: For Sale: Soft Modded Wii

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    For Sale: Soft Modded Wii

    I have a modded wii. Custom firmware, 4.3 waninkoko build. Not boot 2 capable. Includes lots of extras:

    -Component cables
    -2 wiimotes
    -3 nunchucks
    -1 classic controller
    -2 Wii Play modules (w/ silicone protector)
    -4 Nintendo silicone rubber protectors
    -Cooling Fan
    -Nerf Steering wheel
    -Perfect shot gun
    -Gamecube controller

    I think 250 is a fair price considering all of the extras. $15 for shipping. Will consider other offers. All of this must go. I'm getting rid of my system because I do not play it. I will have no use for the extras.
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