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Thread: Mega Man 9 dlc - error -1022

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    Mega Man 9 dlc - error -1022


    I've been trying to find different wad to install Mega Man 9 and it's DLC.

    Unfortunately, the DLC installation only works with a region free wad, which install a mm9 version of the game.

    my wii is in french but I'd like this game, only this one to be in english, and I wonder if there is a way to do it? installing a only english version would work, but I get an error -1022 for the DLC, and I found on the forum it meant something about TMD? and there I'm stuck...

    any help would be appreciated... if I could install it without having the -1022 error, it would be nice

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    how about buy the game instead of downloading it, this is the second post you made on this very subject, thread closed!


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