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Thread: SSBB error 324

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    Unhappy SSBB error 324

    I been trying to backup my super smash bros brawl(usa) useing DL discs and everytime i get error 324 with gamma lancher.
    my wii is 3.2
    im useing imgburn
    and also sony DVD+RDL discs
    and my wii isnt modded and dont plan on moding it
    im also useing a laptop with its regular stuff
    do i need any files for my wii or downgrade my wii
    or im i just doing it wrong
    plz help

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    it needs a exact layer break, search for it

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    Hey Admiral I also have this problem with my newly burned SSBB disk. I am using both Sony+R DL and Verbatim+R DL and failed both time. I also use Imageburn WITH layer break 2084960. I don't know why it won't load

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    did you get the update from the mario galaxy/kart/brawl games? *they all got the same one*

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    Yes I did, I got the update from an orginal MKwii disk. And like I told you earlier in my other thread my MK and mario galaxy back up now work perfectly but I still can't get the ssbb back up to work even with the layer break

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    do you still have 3.3+? if not remove that

    if thats not it, try the DVD-9 one, it might be a tucha problem

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    Well I burned the game again this time at 2x instead of 2.4x and the game load and work fine for a while untill i beat kirby in the very first fight and I got this:

    An error has occurred.
    Press the eject button, remove the game disk and turn the power off.
    Please read the Wii operations manual for more information.

    Any idea on what causes this?

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    bad burn
    bad disc
    bad dump

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    I am new to the Wii, but I followed the Emporer's tutorial and downgraded my 3.4U system to 3.2U flawlessly and have Gamma as my backup loader. All backups are working fine, including Mario Kart and Animal Crossing.

    I would like to know more about the Brawl backup and what is needed to make it work.

    I noticed you mentioned Brawl requires the same upgrade as Kart/Galaxy. Should I have noticed something special when I played these games?
    Galaxy is an original, but Kart is a backup. I was never prompted for an update with either of these.

    Also, when people refer to upgrades that they remove with BrickBlocker, etc are they referring to actual firmware updates (meaning 3.2U and others or some other files)?

    THanks for your time and I am sure to have a few more.

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