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Thread: Uloader and Donkey Kong Country Returns problems

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    Uloader and Donkey Kong Country Returns problems

    Well guys, i was playing Donkey Kong Country Returns these days, using uloader to run from a external DVD drive, and i noticed that sometimes the game loads so much ( like 2 or 3 minutes before enter some levels! ) but the worst it's when i entered Longshot launch level, the music starts to loop in the same part and when i ended the level the game just froze up with the image of Kong of the side of the barrel of items ( that one for when you end every level ), at this point the only solution was hard reset the wii...after this the same level works normaly..., what i want to know its, someone have this kind of problem with DKC Returns too? Freezes and long loadings...this kind os stuff, beside this i'm playing other games normaly, like mario galaxy 2, no more heroes 2 and Kirby...
    Thanks for the one's who try to help me

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    I have the same problem, or very similar.
    So far the game (Donkey Kong Country Returns) has frozen at the end of the first 2 levels. Only solution is to reset Wii. I can try and go to home but that only leads to black screen.
    Fortunately when I reload the game I can play the next level. So far I dont find the game good enough to play through the long time between levels.
    I am curios if alot of people have this problem and if there is a fix.

    P.S. Im running the game from external harddrive.

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    Old thread lol
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