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Thread: How do I play data dvd's on wii?

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    How do I play data dvd's on wii?

    I bought some DVD-R's and tried playing some .avi movies on my wii using mplayerce and wiimc, but mplayerce just freezes and wiimc says "Unrecognizeable DVD format".
    I burned the DVD at 3x speed and used ISO9660+Juliet file system to burn dvd. I have dvdx installed and my wii is 2007 model with menu version 4.2u. Please help!

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    why not either usb load them or use smb shares for your videos...

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    I just want to use dvd's. How do I use smb shares. I'm running windows Xp pro.

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    So both of those programs let you browse the DVD to find the files you want to play? But when you try to actually play them is when you get your error?
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