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Thread: wiikey fusion not working

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    wiikey fusion not working

    Ok guys so this is my first wii mod of any kind. My 7 yr old went to my moms for the weekend so I decided I have 2 days let's tackle this thing.
    I have installed the wiikey, selected the US channel (only first 1 at the down possition)
    I get my wii menu to come up fine with all the channels but, the disc channel says insert disk.
    I used WBFS Manager 4 and formatted my sd card, I added an iso image of sonic Colours
    The only direction at all from the seller was a note on the outside of bag (update to 1.5 for dvd playback) which i downloaded but have not done yet as it says PAL and I am NTSC region.

    I have disconnected reconnected cables unplugged plugged cables I am making sure sd card is in prior to booting up. I do not know what to try next

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    I am currently in the same boat with the same problem. Does your dvd drive now read burnt discs? And does your dvd drive disable (eject won't work) when you have an SD card in the reader?


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