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Thread: Do these work the same as on a PC?

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    Do these work the same as on a PC?

    I use an SNES emulator on my PC to play Chrono Trigger. I own the game but my SNES took a crap a while back. So I play on my PC. Can I install an emulator on the wii and use the ROM off the pc? Or do I need to use a different format? I tried to find a WAD for it, but I can't find one that works. Furthermore, can I do the same with a Genisis? I own Phantasy Star 4 but have the same issue.

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    Your SNES rom images must be in SMC, SFC, SWC, or FIG format

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    For snes my roms are .smc format, for NES they are .nes format and sega is .sms. Can't remember what format they are on the pc but hope that helps.

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    If the ones I have are in those formats can I load them off the SD card? Will the game save on Wii or SD card?

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    thanks. I was looking for that


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