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Thread: Wii Error #002 Problems

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    Wii Error #002 Problems

    I have a problem and im hoping someone can help me. I have followed the guide of how to Fix Error #002 i am a softchip user. But i do not know how to run my Bleach versus Crusade iso with the Wii powers Toy R2. Can someone please help me? it would be greatly appreciated. Also i own the actual disc to this game can i use the real disc after i copied the modified main.dol to my sd card or would i need to burn a completely new disc??

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    install IOS 53, and Cios 37

    then boot in gecko OS, it should fix it =P

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    Thx so much Admiral

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    np anytime

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    I tried what you said yet it still didn't work i installed the ios and the cIOS37 rev07 and it still gives me the error... is there any other solutions?? sorry for all the trouble.

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    search error 002, and youll find a list of steps to do

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    Unhappy error 002

    This is great! i have searched for my prob error 002 with My Sims Racing, boom blox BP and guess what answers i keep finding? ppl telling me to search for error 002! thats what iam doing! Please please can someone help! a link or two would be much appreciated!


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    My sims racing -- follow any given Ghostbusters fix guide. If you can't find one of the 2942874938479823479823 threads on it -- well then you're beyond help.

    As for BBBP simply use a loader that has a 002 fix. I don't know what you could possibly be using that wont auto-correct 002. Any USB loader that's actually still actively developed will. As for disc backups Any neogamma, and even most revisions of .3 gamma.


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