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Thread: Hardware issue or bad softmod ?

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    Hardware issue or bad softmod ?

    Hi everyone . I have a 4.1U with a serial of LKM1118xxx so it's the korean region changed type . I got it second hand and nothing worked properly on it . I made a syscheck and noticed Cioscorp/Darkcorp was there was a mess ..i cleaned everything up and now it looks like this


    Problem is's not seeing an USB HDD ! Detection rate is like 1 out of 20 tries .
    Tried with the same setup i have on my other Wii which works great ( same cios & hard drive & usb loaders)

    Also , it's not connecting to the Wi-Fi router . Connection tests ok first time, then it fails ..needs restart to make it reconnect .

    It won't read DVD's in Neogamma , gets an DVD Read Error 1167 before the disc even starts to spin .

    Could it have a modchip inside which is causing all these errors ?
    I have not opened it and don't know how .
    Softmod looks fine now , my only hypothesis is a hardware malfunction .

    Do you guys have any recommendations of what i could do to it at a software level ?

    Should i delete the korean IOS'es 41,43,45,46,48 ? Are they still active if the region is 4.1U ?
    Format Wii System Memory then resoftmod ?
    Reinstall 4.1U System Menu and EULA and Region select?
    Region change to 4.1E ?
    Region change to 4.1E , then update to 4.3E and redo the softmod with Lego Indiana ?
    Format it using Bad_Ad's app Nand Formatter ?
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