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Thread: Japanese games, please read, i have a question

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    Japanese games, please read, i have a question

    Recently i have been helping a few people, understand Japanese games, or menus, so their easier to play.
    • Taiko no tatsujin
    • and Tatsunoko vs capcom

    were both games a lot of people had questions on, my question is, would people be interested in me translating some games *mostly japanese only games* and making a guide somewhat like this

    the games i translate will be random, and mostly based off what i play *which are usually uncommon games, that wont get imported* but i want to know if anyone would be interested in this, if you have recommendations, you can post em here, or pm me, and they might get done, please note i wont just translate pictures or random things, since i don't want to make it a job, but game im playing anyways, i wouldn't mind doing, since i'm already reading it =P

    i hope someone at least gives me feedback on this.

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    Some of these menus are so long that I don't even know where to begin. I keep crossing my fingers that I hear someone scream "arcaaaade-ooooo mooooode" so I know where to hit "+".

    I'll be happy to help you by adding screenshots if you'd like. I can't do anything else but take pictures. : \

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    i would have done pics for taiko, but i didnt expect more than 40 people to read it =\

    thats always the best
    "ARCAADO MODE" broken english ftw xD

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    so u can't force change the language then?

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    Quote Originally Posted by dbayboxing View Post
    so u can't force change the language then?
    unless you think nintendo doesnt move games to other regions within a week, is all about incensing yes...

    seriously though, theres no reason for it, if you make a japanese game, odds are everyone who buys it *atleast whom matter* are 1 of 3 things
    • japanese
    • a fan who can read japanese
    • a fan, or someone whom is intrested and cant read japanese but will still play

    it would cost THOUSANDS for a useless feature... sorry


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