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Thread: Need more advice on replacing dvd drive motor spindle

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    Question Need more advice on replacing dvd drive motor spindle

    Hi all,

    i got a drive with a dead motor, i know it's the spindle motor thats gone, because i got a spare drive and swapped all the other parts around and they work fine.

    Anyway got a replacement spindle motor and looked for advice on how much to screw the 3 screws in and i'm fed up with it already lol.

    The guide basics says screw the 3 screws down all the way and then do a counter clockwise twists of either 1/4 or 1/2 turn on all 3 and then test untill it works.

    The first few tests, the disc doesn't spin at all, seems to try at the start and then not bother.

    After more counter clockwise twists, the disc is still not moving, but the spindle makes continued noise (sounds like silenced machine gun).

    How far am i suppose to keep going?
    what noises are better for clues to getting close to the sweet spot?
    any tips?

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    similar problem with dvd drive motor

    i wish someone would reply to you.
    i have similar problem. disc inserts and ejects properly but will not spin. motor makes
    muffled clicking sound before shutting down. i have tried loosening torx screws but no difference. please advise. thank you

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    I've messed around with it now on a couple of drives, it's usually around 2-3 full turns, but i've noticed on some drives the screw isn't holding in place where you screw it so it will always go wrong.

    If your lucky at the start it just jams with no spin, then after 1/2 - 1 full turn it will make a loud noise as it spins, then just keep turning untill you get the normal operating spinning sound (alot quieter).

    Pot luck thou i think dependin on how the 3 screws hold.


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