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Thread: RawDump 2.1 error - PLEASE HELP!

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    tbh, most people don't use this anymore, its much simpler to grab a usb hdd, dump straight from your retail disc to the hdd via the wii, and its MUCH quicker.

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    I still use Rawdump quite a bit. I normally get "Unhandled exception has occurred..." and the details say "Arithmetic operation resulted in an overflow". This error (for me) has ALWAYS been due to a scratch that your DVD ROM is having trouble reading past. I've ALWAYS been able to get past this error by removing the scratches. I use a Disk Doctor (the manual hand crank one) and just go back and forth over the scratch that I suspect is causing the problem until I'm satisfied. Then use the small felt pad that comes with the Disk Doctor to polish the spot so it's "somewhat" shiny again. Small scratches are usually not an issue, but the deeper ones or small areas that have been "rubbed" can. The disk is copied by Rawdump from the inside of the disk to the outside rim. I've confirmed this by removing a particular scratch near the outside edge that is causing this error when my disk copy is close to being complete. So depending on how far along the copy is, you can usually guess more or less which particular scratch is causing the problem and deal with it. I sometimes have to remove a scratch, then let rawdump 2.1 "continue". Then it fails again at a later point, and repeat the process again on a different scratch, etc, etc until it gets through the whole disk. I've never had a disk that I couldn't repair enough to complete. I supose your success will depend on how much time you're willing to spend repairing your disk (unless the scratches are so deep that the disk just isn't worth fixing). Believe me, this will work for you. Good luck!


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