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Thread: D2A/D2B To D3-2 Drive Board Swapping

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    D2A/D2B To D3-2 Drive Board Swapping

    I need to replace a D2A or D2B (forget which one it is) DVD drive for my Wii. Some plastic pieces on the eject/accept mechanism have broken. All the drives I see for sale at a good price are the D3-2 DVD drives. The older drives are selling for over 100 bucks. The D3-2 drives are not capable of playing back-up discs which is a feature I want to keep. Can I replace the D3-2 board with my D2A or D2B board without any issues or drawbacks??

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    ther is a homebrew app to eject disc
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    Quote Originally Posted by bristoljay
    ther is a homebrew app to eject disc
    It's those semi-circular plastic rings inside the drive itself that collapse and expand that are damaged.


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