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Thread: 128mb SD card

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    128mb SD card

    Hi i dont know if i posted this in the right forum but this is the only one i thought might be right,

    But anyways here is my Question;

    Is it atal possibleto softmod my 4.2e Wii with a 128mb SDcard?

    Thanks in advance

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    no you need a 1gb or 2gb sd as the nand backup is over 500mb
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    Peire is definitely right and I didn't even know SD cards that small were still available. I think the smallest I've seen in a store recently was 512MB. Must be ancient or a pack in from like a camera or something. Grab at least a 2GB SD (SanDisk is recommended). You should be able to find one locally for under $10 unless you live in the middle of nowhere.
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