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Thread: where is the 3 amp fuse in the wii adapter

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    where is the 3 amp fuse in the wii adapter

    where is the 3 amp fuse in the wii adapter? I plug my 110v to 220v outlet.

    Could somebody post a pic? I can't find it googling.
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    in ur case, the MOSFET (switcher) might hv been damaged, besides of the ac fuse.
    open the enclosure and u'll find the fuse, it's obvious, but
    suggest to buy a new wii adaptor ! for reliability and safety

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    Anybody has a picture?

    ya the fuse seems ok. isn't it that the fuse should blow first than the mosfet?

    any idea what type of mosfet should i buy?
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    after repair, if u plan to connect this 110v power supply to 220v line voltage, forget it !
    fuse, MOSFET, didoe (in snubber ckt), resistor (Vcc).... may gone together, not a surprise
    MOSFET substains 600V, work on 3A will do, check the original for type selection

    find a surplus +12v/3A notebook power supply, convert it for Wii, if u insist not to spend
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