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Thread: Twilight Hack Trouble

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    Twilight Hack Trouble

    -Wii version 3.4U
    -Big Moe's Twilight Hack/Homebrew Channel
    I have followed all of the steps to do this. Extracted the files and transferred to the SD card. I picked the correct RZDX files and renamed it data (twilight3.4). I attempt the hack. After I talk to the man the common screen shows up but it doesn’t go into the installation that asks me to Accept or Disagree. It bring me to a screen that says
    "Custom IOS detected"
    This application comes with no warranity etc.....
    It then asks me to agree or disagree to install something BUT its not the twilight hack. It asks me to go to my SD card or the flash drive etc.

    When I attempt the hack again I delete the boot.dol file. When I try and do the hack it appears at the correct screen. I accept for everything but at the end it says "installation failed."
    I seriously need some help trying to figure out what I have done wrong. SOMEONE HELP PLEASE!

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    you need the boot.dol =P

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    Twilight Hack Trouble

    If I don't delete the boot.dol then it wont even go into the installation screen. -_- My Wii is so retarded. Please help me find a solution to this! D:

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