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Thread: Call of Duty Black Ops Wii Headset *Is it any good?*

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    Question Call of Duty Black Ops Wii Headset *Is it any good?*

    Im just curious but is that headset good?

    I mean i heard reviews saying that the volume is pretty low and that the earpiece feels kind of lose when you put it on and the headset breaks easily o.O

    idk if theses are true but if you have or tried this headset, pls be so kind enough to give it a review :3

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    i've had two headsets and today my 2nd one just broke! ive had black ops for wii since it came out and i take very good care of my headsets and they break constantly i'm hoping to get a new one soon but they are becoming a waste of money especially at the price they are the problem i have had with them is the speaker breaking people can hear me talk but i cant hear them

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    way to go, 1st post on a 4 month old thread...


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