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Thread: dump is not for a different wii!!!

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    dump is not for a different wii!!!

    ok so i have a 3.1u wii
    with bootmii installed as boot2
    i installed it with the lastest hackmii installer at th time of this writing
    v8 i belive
    with the bootmii beta 6

    bootmiis nand restore insists my nand dump is for a different wii

    altho it was dumped the day befor ont he same system
    so this is an error

    i have tried first the automated tool bootmii-keyfix.exe
    witch allowed it to restore but completly raped the system menu and further bricked my wii

    and i have tried the manual method of hexediting the keys.bin to the end of the nand.bin ( with and without the added space in keys.bin ) but with no change

    i the initial response is likley to be
    use bootmii to load a wad manager or dop mii
    but been there done that and its a no go black screens and such

    so my options are limited

    iv heard of giantpunes nand maker but id rather try to restore MY nand befor trying to make a new one

    failing that i would hope to find a donor 3.1u nand

    i would love to have this wii functional again soon
    if anyone wants the nand dump and keys file to see what there is to see i will make them avaiable
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    Use this to build a new nand.bin
    ohneswanzenegger -
    Use this to check the nand bin-
    nandBinCheck -
    Then restore your new nand bin with bootmii.
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