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Thread: Be Aware of Impending April Fool's Day Prank

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    Be Aware of Impending April Fool's Day Prank

    Preloader/Priiloader April Fools’ Day Prank

    An April Fools’ Day prank has shown up for the past 2 years that caused a few changes of underwear. crediar wrote in an April Fool’s Day prank into the code for Preloader and was also incorporated into Priiloader. When some Wii consoles are powered up on April 1st, it may appear that some catastrophe has befallen the Wii.

    On the TVscreen will be displayed the following:

    "Now Repairing, Do Not Turn Off."

    This is just a prank, folks... Please just simply press the "A" button on your WiiMote while at the false Bricked Wii Screen and the message will GO AWAY!! As the prank code is associated with the date, the trick message will be gone April 2. For those with serious heart palpitations on seeing this message all day you can set the Wii Calendar a day ahead and fix the calendar again after April 1st has passed.

    Not all consoles seem to display the prank. I was disappointed not to see the trick screen on my Wii.

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    Ah, good you posted this. I had forgotten al about this myself. I guess I will need to warn the people whom's wii I modded.

    Any idea why not all consoles display the prank?
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    lol i will have to tell everybody about this aswell
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bliepo View Post
    Any idea why not all consoles display the prank?
    I wondered the variables myself. Maybe DacoTaco will see this and chime in.
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    Seem like someone would create a patch for this.

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    Haha....nice. I remember hearing this somewhere. I'll be sure not to panic! Also let my family know as well as they would be calling me the second they seen it! Nice added feature I must say, fun fun....

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    I've seen this somewhere before I'm going to use this to April fools my friend with his wii (he wants to get the homebrew channel)

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    Thanks for the heads up. I just emailed my friend who had me mod his wii.
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    Maybe mine will be one of the ones that do it. I'd like to see it and maybe take a screenshots or something. But I'm gonna text or email my brother and sister and give them another warning. Kind of excited to see it for the first time (if happens on mine). Thanks again!.'

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    I think the first thing that I'd do, is check my computer if it's indeed the 1st of April, lol.
    I have a protection-layer against 1st of April.

    Anyway, thanks for the heads up.

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