Hi all,

I have a softmodded Wii (4.2E, IOS249 rev21) and am using USB Loader GX to load games from my portable HDD (FAT32 active, primary (for images, themes etc.) and WBFS primary (games)). I have about 15 to 20 games, mostly PAL, but some NTSC, and everything was working fine... UNTIL...

I installed Top Shot Arcade (NTSC) onto the HDD. The games worked fine, but when I went back to play another game I discovered that ALL of my other games black screen when loading. I can see the titles from the GX menu, I can see artwork, themes etc. but I cannot start any of the games.

I have rebuilt the HDD twice, down versioned 249 to Rev17, reloaded the wads. I have done a system check, all looks the same. I cannot think of anything else to try.

Could there be something in Top Shot Arcade that has messed with my IOS's?

Please help.