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Thread: bricked my wii version 4.3e

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    bricked my wii version 4.3e

    Hi guys hope you can help me?? today i was modding my friends wii everything was going well as it had many times before but as installing wii forze and got a half green screen so turned wii off and back on again and got a black screen ie the screen of death rebooted wii light's are on but no ones home!!! have been searching all day for work arounds one thing i didnt do and i normaly do is back up nands but didnt this time now have tried all the normal stuff trying to reboot priloader and all that but nothing can anyone point me in the right direction and not to ( nintendo ) thanks guys

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    What was you installing when it froze?

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    ok just went through the video that i have followed for a few months now was in priiloader installed as per previous time wii freezes so hold power reboot then held reset then into system menu hacks done what i needed to do in there and saved settings then came out went into system menu turned background to black saved that went back into system menu then half screen went green as per normal then thats when wii just gave up and i dont know how to give it cpr hope what i have described helps u to help me

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    yeaaa i got the wii back was something i done ie turn the black screen on when wii boots up fecking dafty me all is good now thanks for responding though krafter means alot know u guys are out there to help


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