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Thread: Help needed!!!

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    Help needed!!!


    I am having trouble installing ios224.... i have it in my WAD file and can install it thru my homebrew.
    However I can not see it when i try to select it using my USB loader.
    I am trying to play the following...
    Karaoke Glee
    Def Jam Rapstar
    Just Dance 2

    none of which will load (just get black screen or restart)
    Should I use PIMP MY WII? to ensure i have updated...?? im a bit crap at this!!!
    Im sure I do not get the best out of my wii!

    Should i do a syscheck and post it here? if do i do a syscheck????

    Thanks for patience and help in advance!!

    Rob Dodgyb

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    NO PIMP-MY-WII!!!!!!
    syscheck link is in my sig. What loader are you using?
    Those games will work with cIOS250 base 57 rev20 or 21

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    what usb loader are you using?

    ^^^^^^^^pimpness from the mighty bmarlo ^^^^^^^^

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    usb loader gx

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    have you updated it to version 2.0?

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    also have tried with ios 250 but have no idea what base and how to change base etc....

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    you can down load them with modmii or you can use the cios rev 20 or 21 installer and choose what base
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    how do i check version?
    do i dload and install through update in settings or need to dload from net and put in sd card?

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    here is all the info on usb loader gx 2.0
    and ill get you cios 250 [57] r21 for ya if you need it

    ^^^^^^^^pimpness from the mighty bmarlo ^^^^^^^^

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    wicked will try it.... dloading 2.0 now....

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