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Thread: need help. Random Neogamma error

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    need help. Random Neogamma error


    i softmoded my wii 4.2u and i'm using neogamma r9 beta 10 ios 249 rev 17
    My wii (USA model) is about 2 years old.

    I burned lego star wars and played it fine right trought the end last year.
    Now I wanto to play it again and got this error: drive error 1252 ID
    unknown drive 20080714.

    Same problem with lego indiana jones 2

    so, I did nothing, and it just stopped working.

    ideas? thank you.


    can someone please post the neogamma default settings? just in case
    thank you.
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    ran a diagnoses test.
    tested all other games. they ran fine
    the issue?
    the only two games that are not working anymore were burned at the same brand of DVD. all the other were burned on other brands.

    question. Can a DVD midia degrade in less than a year?

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    hey dudes, no ideas?

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    Try re rippin the game
    500gig seagate wbsf (to lazy to change)


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