ok i softmode my 3rd wii successfully (i think....)
the wii is a 4.3e version
the problem: i burn twice mariokart and tried to play it with neogamma
i put the first dvd-r and i only can see how to hold the wii control and then i get a message (the disc can not be read or something like that)
ok... i think the burn has failed and burn and the 2nd dvd-r.
i tried to load it again with neogamma and this time i see the mario kart frond page with the message "press A to start" YEAHHHHHHH i said to my self i finally got it
i do press A and i create my kart character YEAHHHHH once again
but when i chose to play single or multi or online the screen goes black
i burn the same iso with the same dvd-r brand 2 more times and never had problems can you experts help me??? plz????