A new update from Plum on his MP3PlayerPlugin Lite project, a nifty app that allows you to to listen to your favorite tracks while on game mode.

The plugin is compatible with CFW 5.00 M33, 5.03HEN, 5.50GEN, 6.20TN und 6.35 PRO.


MP3PlayerPlugin Lite v0.11:
obsolete skip function
PSP-HUD available for text display
MP3PlayerPlugin Lite v0.10:
English version
reduce the memory mp3play_lite additional plug-ins that use
MP3PlayerPlugin v0.10:
Fixed bug on 2Byte XMB to crash when displaying the characters
During HOLD mode, Mp3Player Plugin to prevent the display of
MP3PlayerPlugin v0.09:
Mute 0.09 Enhancements
To abolish the reset function to add the skip function
{The next song in each folder and when you move to the previous song
Move or moving or MP3 you can switch between files in units}
Fixed an issue 2Byte garbled characters in the game also
MP3 playback and stop = L + R + □
Changes skip = L + R + △
Changing the playback mode = L + R + ○
Next song = L + R + →
To the previous song = L + R + ←
Volume UP = L + R + ↑
Volume DOWN = L + R + ↓
MUTE = L + R + Start
Hold = L + R + ♪
MP3PlayerPlugin v0.08
0.08 uses half the memory (so it was enough to read MP3 files on the two-fold)
During the game while playing MP3 HOME freeze was fixed and back buttons (FW5.00 ~ FW6.37) ※ FW6.36 not supported
While only read and write files to MP3 in the game to stop playing

Source- QJ