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Thread: A NOVEL idea-- SDchips?

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    Lightbulb A NOVEL idea-- SDchips?

    So, anyways, I was thinking.

    I really, really want to mod my Wii so that I can play backups. Only thing is, I just got my Wii and they're still hard to find, so I don't want to risk ruining it. I know the Wii takes SD cards, and they store data, so what about running the modchip data on an SD card and playing the backup? This, to me, seems like a great way to use the functionality of the modchip without potentially destroying the Wii and its warranty along with it.
    I'd like to know WTF you all think about this and whether or not it can be done.

    |D How about using the Chiip base? It's free for download, so that'd probably work pretty well. There's also the coding details-- there'd most likely be some code editing involved if the modchip data is to be run from an SD card.
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    Someone reply? Please?

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    I believe the problem is that the wii will not be able to run unsigned basically anything on the SD card...

    this is why the wii needs to be modded in the first place....i think the modded code needs to be run at the bootup time which is what the mod chip does..

    so it def wont work for now...

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    Even running unsigned code from the Wii's SD card slot is impossible for now even with a modchip. There must be some software exploit which Nintendo can patch anyway.


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