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    smash bros brawl

    forst off i just want to apologise if this is the wrong section , i looked about the forum and could not find the correct one for my question , anyway here is my problem

    i have super smash bros brawl , its pal region and its 7.6gb iso (larger file than usual so this maybe the problem i'm having) for some reason i cant get it to load on to my hdd , i have loaded over 50 games without a problem using wii game manager from the pc , what am i doing wrong


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    Need more info than "can't get it to load". Install it from your original disc using your USB Loader and you will be fine. I recommend Cfg.
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    Does it go to a black screen then nothing happens?If so check out the problem game guide on this site.And like Krank said a bit more info will get your problem sorted more or less instantly dependent on details given

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    the iso will load up in wii game manager ,but when transferin over from comp to the hard drive it transfers for about a split second then dissapears out of game manager. i looked on my hard drive in the wbfs folder and it has made the folder in there super smash bros, and inside that folder there is a file called tmp file


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