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Thread: Black Screen after failed Priiloader install

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    Black Screen after failed Priiloader install

    Friend was moding this brand new black wii, at 4.3 us, he used the ssbb method. He said everything was fine until the priiloader install, it did not complete and the console stopd responding. When he rebooted it black screen was there.

    Right now I cannot get to the priiloader menu. It stays on the black screen, also it does not show the version when booting with a savemii. I tried to swap bt board too, same black screen.


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    I have an idea but it is not good. The Wii is fully bricked and will need to be flashed via a hardware programmer with the nand backup if he has one.

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    He doesnt, I could do the flash without a problem but nope, none. I will get to work on fixing some of the 003 wiis I have here and give him a new mainboard. : /


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