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Thread: Wii randomly freezes on startup

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    Wii randomly freezes on startup

    First of all, I've tried searching both Google and the forums with no luck. That's why I'm posting my problem now. I hope you guys can help me.

    My Wii freezes on startup. It seems totally random. It's on the health warning screen, both before and after I have to press "A", it's right when I get into the Channels Menu or 20 seconds into the Channels Menu. And sometimes, 1in20 reboots it doesn't freeze and i can play both original and backups just fine. I've tried all possible ways of rebooting and unplugging. Sometimes it even makes some wild graphic glitches when it freezes.

    What I've got:
    Red 25th Anniversary Wii softmodded using the guides on this site. During the softmod process I didn't have a single issue. Bootmii, Priiloader, HBC, Configurable USB Loader all installed fine and I've had no issues since I got the Wii. I have a NAND backup.

    1: Did I semi-brick the Wii because of the mod? (I don't think so)
    2: Is the Wii hardware just broken?
    3: If I have to send it back to the store I think it needs to be unsoftmodded/virginized. How do I do that safe and easy? I've found some guides, but they are outdated.

    I really hope some of you are able to help me. I'm really missing my Wii



    Edit 1:

    So I read up on how to make a system check as toby1978 requested.

    But when I tried to turn on the Wii now, I don't get anything. The discdrive only blinks once (it used to blink a few more times) and I just get a black sceen. Am I bicked now all of a sudden? Can Priiloader/Bootmii help?

    Edit 2:

    I have Priiloader and a NAND backup. How exactly is it I get the Priiloader/NAND backup up and running?

    I have NO health screen, it's just black.
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    Do you have prilloader installed and have your nand and keys?

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    Dont double post toby. Edit your fist post and/or wait for the OP to reply

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    Yeah, my bad! Sorry about that!

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