A new version of the Java-based PlayStation Portable emulator project for Windows PC is now out, packed with more fixes and improvements. Tagged as revision 2021, the latest update includes:


JPCSP v0.6 r2021:
Fixed sceKernelUnloadModule: invalidate the compile code from the unloaded module
JPCSP v0.6 r2020:
Improved DebuggerMemory to allow specific tracing of 8/16/32 read/write operations.
JPCSP v0.6 r2018:
Small fixes in VideoEngine:
scissor command
offset_addr command: could have been the cause for errors reporting invalid VideoEngine commands
save only the GE to memory when something has been rendered
JPCSP v0.6 r2017:
Fix to avoid AMD/ATI driver error "No matching overloaded function found texture2DProj": use at least shading language version 1.40 when available.
JPCSP v0.6 r2016:
Improved PGD decryption:
Implemented stream based decryption for large files;
Added an option to enable/disable original PGD files' extraction;
Fixed a couple of bugs in the CryptoEngine.
Added the ability to save the last checked option to the filters and resolutions' menus.
Improved full screen handling:
Switched hotkey to avoid conflicts with other programs;
Implemented better checks and a more robust code structure;
Implemented better a real full screen mode transition.

Source- QJ