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Thread: hackin the wii 4.3u

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    hackin the wii 4.3u

    Iím trying to hack the 4.3 U and Iím using Lego Indiana Jones. I did everything the guide said to, I go to the art room, go to the guy on the first pedestal, and when it zooms in, I hit the option button and nothing happens??????? I also put everything on the SD card in this order boot.elf bootmini.elf and private folder, Any suggestions?? Thanks for your help!!

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    Ask in the guide you are following.
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    Make sure the SD card is formated to FAT32

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    I hate saying it, but The Lounge is pretty much the place this'd be off topic (believe it or not, lol). Ask Joostin said, ask in the guide you're following.


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