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Thread: After Downgrade Questions

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    Us After Downgrade Questions

    I am 2 days into the whole Wii System an anything to do with it.

    I used a downgrader and my Wii is now on 3.2U Which all say it should be.

    I used a 2Gig Stick to do this.

    I have the Homebrew channel installed and working. With twilight zelda thing.

    Now can I erase whats on my memory stick ?

    Directory is

    00000001/00000024/v1042/lotta stuff in here

    apps/wad manger, custom WM, IOS Downgrader, Firmware downgrader, Starfall, Cios_installer, Install shop Ios51


    wad/ cios_fix.wad , djtaz_gamma_loader.wad, ios16-64-v256-prod.wad, ios16-64-v3609.wad


    I have run and installed all of these programs. Do these save onto my Wii's memory or they must remain on my memory card ?

    Is there a Larger storage system I can hook up. In example an external Hard drive of some type ? Is there a cap on the size of this 200gig for example?

    Is it possiable for my Wii to get everything it needs from my computers hard drives like a wifi type hard drive? I bot World Of Warcraft an sell accounts. I have 5 Pc's Playing 24/7 Each running 2 accounts. I used the ftpii thingy an was moving files from my computer to Wii card. But I erased all that an had to start the stick with a fresh format to do the downgrade stuff..

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    You just posted all of this ... in the exact same forum. Completely unnecessary considering 2 mods just answered.

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