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Thread: Lost WiiFlow and HBC after HBC auto update to 1.0.8

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    Lost WiiFlow and HBC after HBC auto update to 1.0.8

    Running 4.1u,
    Ran Perfectly Until I upgraded the HBC via an internet prompt (like an idiot)
    Prior to that genius move, I had 2 links to wiiflows in the channel, and it worked perfectly.

    After the HBC update, HBC shows bubbles only and no apps, and one of my main wiiflow channels disappeared (the one we used most, 222 I think) and the one left just acts like its loading, then just cycles back to the system menu when selected.

    I did have Neo Gamma installed so we can still access all our games, but I have No HBC and My kids really miss the Wiiflow. Just knowing its not right is driving me crazy. I also want to update the Netflix once I get it straightened out, so it will work again.

    I'm wondering is this an easy fix to get wiiflow back or should I just do the softmod any wii guide and start from scratch since I need netflix anyway?

    BTW I did try to reload wiiflow from a backup I had of my sd card, but that did not work.

    (sorry I can't remember who's guide I used to set it up)

    Thank you for your time.

    BTW- I'm a complete Noob. I didnt know much 8 months ago when I did this and forgot most of what I learned.
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    You would be just as well re-softmodding from scratch,may have been a bad install of HBC then you know where your at and everything should work fine after that and this is a great guide
    Guide: Softmod ANY Wii

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