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Thread: hello- newbie with questions

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    Question hello- newbie with questions

    hello everyone. i am new to message board thing, and proud new owner of a wii. i was recently reading a blog about wii accidents- (some very funny!) before we got our wii. i can't remember the name of the blog, but i had written down "", so i thought i would check it out. i remember there was something on that blog that showed a guy had rigged his house to be run by the wii. i was fascinated. anyway, if anyone knows how i might be able to get my wii to play movies and music from my computer that would be awesome!
    also, i went to the wii ware online shop and downloaded the trial web browser. it is as i expected, but type is very hard to read. i wondered if that is just how it is, or if my tv sucks. i have a regular old 32" tv. anyone with a fancy big tv notice the same same thing?
    thanks for your help,

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    OKay for new Wii news I usually go to and type in "Liquid Ice Wii hacks" this is the best up to date site I've been able to find on everything wii, and he has tons of great links!
    As for the movies and music, I am not too sure but I know the movies can be d0ne somehow and the music is as simple as an SD card.
    Lastly if your having trouble seeing the text on your wii web browser just push the plus (+) button on your wiimote and you will zoom in.
    Make sure you DO A wii update and then go the the virtual console so you can get your finalized version of the Opera Browser for FREE

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    For the movies / music, I would look into 'Orb' just google it....

    Actually its just this will allow your PC to act as a server and stream content from the web browser... you can even use it to get content from your computer from a remote location like your work...

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    Welcome To the Forum! Hope you enjoy!


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