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Thread: Staff of Kings freezes then causes wiimote not to work in

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    Staff of Kings freezes then causes wiimote not to work in

    So I modded my buddy's Wii using MauiFrog's tutorial (and put it on 4.1u). This is second hand, but he told me it was working great, then he played Indiana Jones Staff of Kings in CFG USB Loader. It supposably froze (I told him to make sure the Country Fix option was on) and he held the power button to restart. Everything seems to work upon reset but when he enters CFG USB Loader his wiimote unsyncs and he can't navigate inside it. I had him reinstall the latest CFG USB loader but that apparently didn't do any good. Has anybody seen or heard anything like this before? Got any advice? Thanks in advance and in the past for all your help!

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    Has he tried re-syncing hardware before entering CFG USB channel?

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    He claims he did, but I'm not so sure he did it right. Before I tell him to re-follow the mauifrog tutorial, I'm gonna have him fully resync wiimotes (hold red sync on wii for 15 secs etc). But I am not very optimistic about it working. Everything works on the Wii fine EXCEPT for CFG USB loader. He reloaded the app and config file and saw all the covers disappear (indicating that the replacement did infact take, on a side note: I had an issue with another Wii that wouldn't load games and I kept replacing the app and it not working til I figured it wasn't "taking" and had to manually delete the app, hook it up to the wii w/o the app, then put a fresh one on, WEIRD! ). SO anyways, even with the replace the wiimote supposedly still wasn't syncing inside CFG USB loader. So my steps will be (1) try to fully reset the wiimote syncs (2) delete the app hook up to wii to make sure its deleted, unhook up and reload fresh app and then (3) fully redo the mod. I know this all sounds stupid but I'm hoping there is something we can try between step (2) and (3)...


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