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Thread: bootMii/boot2 Wii with wasabiDX, two wiimotes

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    Thumbs up bootMii/boot2 Wii with wasabiDX, two wiimotes

    Serial# LU56163186
    BootMii installed on boot2
    WasabiDx installed (plays dvdr backup games perfectly!)
    Two wiimotes with gel sleeves (no nunchucks or motionplus)
    Original stand, power brick, and AV cable
    Component AV cable
    Wireless sensor bar
    Original Wii Sports and Wii Sports Resort discs.

    $175+shipping, OBO

    I actually bought this Wii from a local pawnshop I needed to use its GC2-D2C drive with the modchip to unbrick my black Wii (it worked). Now I don't need the 2nd Wii, or the modchip, so I'm looking to sell. I paid 96 (after tax) for the Wii and 74 (after shipping) for the autobooting WasabiDX. I'm throwing in the discs, wireless sensor bar, and component AV myself, so I'm really just looking to break even.

    So, I'll take $175 plus shipping if anyone wants it. If there are no takers here, then I'll just put it on eBay (although I can't mention the modchip there, so it probably won't go for as much).

    Anyway, thanks for looking, and contact me if you're interested!

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    FYI, someone offered $150 plus shipping, and if nobody else bites at $175 by Saturday, then I'm going to sell it to that person.

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    i can give 165 plus shipping please let me know, are u in u.s.a.

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    hello did you ever find out what was the shipping cost, zip code 92677 and which linux do you think is best for divx and flash i want to be able to see movies and some of those need these plugins thank you , please let me know.

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    Selling to rockero2k, mods can close thread if they want now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gregp View Post
    Selling to rockero2k, mods can close thread if they want now.
    not a problem!


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