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Thread: Wiikey Fusion Dics Issues

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    Wiikey Fusion Dics Issues

    I am having problems with a newy modded wii with the wiikey fusion.

    I just did the 1.5 firmware update and all is fine I put the dics in the drive I see it on the channel I click to play it shows up full screen I hit start and the wii remote lights go out and the screen goes blank and that is it.

    I have another wii with an old wiikey 1 and all these backups play fine nothign seems to want to load. Even if I go into channels to browse news once i hit start the csreen goes blank,,

    Please help

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    figured it out my menu system is only 3.1
    If I go to 4.3 will non of my pal games work??

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    Quote Originally Posted by xboxboy73
    figured it out my menu system is only 3.1
    If I go to 4.3 will non of my pal games work??
    No. Follow the Softmod ANY Wii guide and you'll have a safe hacked Wii with region-free gaming and USB Loading.

    Also read the rules and make an intro.

    Don't ask 'why do I need to read the rules what dud I do wrong???' I know that if you did, this thread wouldn't exist.

    EDIT: Might have to see about this... Disregard what I said about softmodding for now, and standby for help.
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    If this is hardmod only, anything above 4.1 will kill out of region gaming. Don't bump your own posts unless 24 hours has passed without reply. Use the "EDIT" button if you forget something. These are pretty simple, straight forward rules.


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