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Thread: Help needed with Custom Channels

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    Sup guys, I already posted this in another thread but since then I had a liitle more problems to encounter. Besides I wasn't getting any help in there, so I decided to make a little thread. So heres my few problems.

    1.I have suucesfully found a way to put a sound that was 1min and 30 sec in a wad. (I had to convert my mp3s into wav file (16 bit PCM)) It installs correctly and it shows up in my system menu. It even opens and I could here the sound that I put in correctly. The only small problem is that when I change to another channel and go right back to it says the system files are corrupted, etc, etc. In order for this channel to work, I have to go to the system menu and then press the channel.

    2.The quality of banner is really poor.I tried to install it as RGBA8 but my wii froze so thats no good.

    Here are a few pics, to see the nasty quality it has.


    Please you guys someone help this poor anime girl be part of my system Menu. I mean just look at her.

    Edit: I just figured out that whenever I change it to an original nintendo channel like the Mii or Photo Channels amd back to my custom channel it works great with no problem. So this is really weird. If anyone knows a solution I would really appreciate it.

    Also. How can I change the text that appear after you press start. The Loading Dol file. I want to change it to a simple image like troy the zombie's channels

    Oh yeah. Tell me what you think.
    The logo moves in and out and the background moves from right to left.
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