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Thread: Bricked wii, HELP

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    Bricked wii, HELP

    I followed the
    Softmod 3.0-4.2 [E/U/J] Wiis

    tutorial by Cile and was softmodding my 4.2E wii. I was unable to install priiloader, and then installed 4.1E, yes, STUPID THING TO DO. It now wont even go to the menu screen, nothing, i cant even get to the sd card.
    When i power up my wii, nothing happens at all, just a blank, black screen, ive used another wii, and that works fine, so i know its not an issue with leads/cables.
    Plz help me................

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    Sounds like you bricked because you had a stubbed or nonexistent SM IOS for 4.1.

    More info, please. I'm assuming you don't have BootMii as boot2? Do you have a NAND Backup (nand.bin and keys.bin)?

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    yes, i did install bootmii as boot2, and i have my nand backup files here on my pc, but how can i do anything if i cant even get to my sd card?
    thanks for reply Binary Wave...

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    Quote Originally Posted by toby1978
    Have you tried prilloader?
    Nevermind, I should read a little closer. Lol

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    I put the bootmii folder back on the sd, that was why i couldnt load anything up, so ive successfully un-bricked my wii. Can any-one advise as to why im unable to install priiloader, using the guide (as above) is there an alternative way for me to instal it?

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    WOW if your softmoding 4.2 why would you even open the 4.1 spoiler and install the 4.1 sys menu....

    This thread is closed keep questions in guide thread and READ....if your not sure ask and wait for an answer before you do something.....


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