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Thread: It is only Mii.

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    It is only Mii.


    Let me first say that I think some of this will sound like questions - I'm not asking for advice here - just trying to give background, perhaps too much. I'll be searching and reading - and then posting in the appropriate places if necessary to try to work out some of my issues.

    I've had my Wii for a few years now and inexpertly hacked it quite some time ago. My DVD drive sounded a little funny and this prompted me to start using a little hdd to load the games. The reduced clutter in the family room was a great bonus!

    I'm at 4.0u and have been running USB Loader GX for quite some time.

    I just installed BootMii in /boot2 and backed up my NAND before I started playing around again.

    After that, I updated my cIOS 249 from r13 to r17 - I'm just happy I no longer have to power off to switch to another game!

    One of my problems is that I hacked it so long ago, I really don't remember what I did and I don't even know what some of the things floating around in my Homebrew menu are. (I've decided that cIOS38_rev13 is what installed cIOS 249r13 and that CMDVDX34 was to let me use the Wii as a DVD player - completely useless to me, especially with my concerns about the DVD drive. But I have no idea what "cIOs36_rev10" or "WMIOS35" were for!)

    I'm giving Configurable USB Loader a try now - I'm not sure it will trump USBLoader GX simply because the family is used to the latter. (I'll be giving 2.0 a try soon, too.)

    So, with some more searching and reading, I'll be trying to develop a better understanding of how some of this stuff works. I'm wondering about updating the Wii software to something higher than 4.0.... I won a copy of Karaoke Revolution: Glee recently, but if I use the disc, it wants to update the system software (I guess I know better) so I ripped it with USBLoadGX and it causes what looks like a core dump without even bringing up the intermediate screen where you actually start the game. With Configurable USB Loader, the Wii just hangs with a black screen.

    I look forward to learning more about all this!

    Thanks for your time!


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    Hello Brett

    Id think about using Maifrogs mod any wii guide (link below)

    This guide will bring everything on your system upto date including over writing any un-needed/old cios's. i.e

    This one looks like it is for gamecube backups - WMIOS35


    First of all we like new members to read the Forum Rules.. Please do your very best to follow them.

    Updating to System Menu 4.3 is an instant Fail!

    We are here to help each other but doing a simple search can be the easiest way to find your answer. Please see this thread on how to make the perfect search.

    Check out the new Hot Topics Forum where you will find the latest and most talked about guides & topics. Look Here

    Guides to get you Soft modded
    Mauifrogs'Mod Any Wii Guide
    ShadowSonics' 4.2 System Menu SoftMod Guide
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    Running your Backups from your HDD

    For all Hard Mod Users
    Mod Chip Section
    Sun Driver

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    You can use ChatZilla, mIRC or the NEW Chat button in the menu bar to connect.

    For all you Macintosh users go Here

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    Look HERE

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    Thank you for the welcome!

    Now that I've had some time to search and read and do stuff, I'm pleased with the state of my Wii!

    I followed Mauifrog's guide - and I made NAND backups both before and after. I did a few things post-guide: I redid the Hackmii installer because the /bootmii folder wasn't there after the second SD card format and App load. I installed WADmanager 1.7 and SysCheck. And I got USBloadGX 2.0 going as well.

    Oh, and I also solved the Karaoke Revolution: Glee problem with a little searching. :-)

    So the system is once again ready for family use and I'm looking forward to playing with Homebrew stuff (the Apple IIe emulator will be a blast-from-my-past). Though there are some hiccups on HD content, I even got WiiMC playing music and video off my NAS!'

    I'm really pleased with the results!

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