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Thread: Will my itouch2 card work in my DS XL?

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    Will my itouch2 card work in my DS XL?

    I updated to version 3.8, but I'm still getting the error message. I'm getting mixed messages as to whether the itouch will work with my DS XL at all. Do I need to upgrade to a newer card or am I just doing something wrong? The firmware on my XL is 1.4U.


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    There are different iTouch2. If you bought the itouch2 before the release of 1.4 firmware it wont work.

    iTouch2 is the only DSi flashcart to use a non-flashable bootstrap. That means you can't upgrade your iTouch2.

    So its better if you get yourself a ak2i, supercard dstwo, cyclods ievo, m3i zero.

    EDIT: Btw, firmware 3.9a is out.

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    Thanks, Richardsito. I purchased this itouch card about a year and a half ago, so I'm guessing it's the previous version. I'll check out your recommendations.


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