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Thread: Another layer of protection against channel bricks?

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    Another layer of protection against channel bricks?

    Yesterday, i was messing around with channels to make my channel icons to match my wii's theme and got my first brick. It appears i had gotten a banner brick, but i didn't change the title ID of the Channel, and it replaced one i already had. I was changing a title i already had installed. Thing is, I launched my wii up and it went to the SM no freezing, untill i moved to the page the channel was on. Then i froze, so i turned the wii off and turned it back on, no freezing until i went back to that page, it started back up on the page with my HBC and stuff. Launched my wii a third time, and all i had to do was go into HBC and uninstall it. Could this be used in channel creature threads as an extra level of protection?
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    Moved to the bricked section of the site (where this question is better served being asked).

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    How could this be used as extra protection? Everyone should have priiloader. If they don't it's there own fault they got a bannerbrick.
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