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Thread: Super Mario Galaxy

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    Super Mario Galaxy

    Ok so I've read a few people having issues with the opening being jittery and choppy (its doing this on mine as well) But The consensus was that they were using bad media to fast burning or something. My Issue seems to be something Different.

    Im using CFG Loader and a USB HDD. I Run it with cios 249 v21d2x3. And its horribly Choppy. I load it via a WBFS partition (if that matters) Seems to be the first game i encounter with this issue so far. Any tips?

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    I load that game from a WBFS partition, without issues. If you think it has something to do with your USB HDD, try loading the game from a USB stick, if the game works fine from the usb stick then look to your usb hdd as the problem.

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    yes it worked i accidently kept the nunchuk in which supposedly created a problem

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