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Thread: Black Ops First Strike Map Pack for Wii

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    Black Ops First Strike Map Pack for Wii

    The First Strike DLC finally came out for the Wii today. But when I got the update nothing happened. But, when my friend did the update he was able to get the map pack and now he's playing Ascension. Many people are having this problem. Can someone please tell me why I can't download the map packs.

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    There is no map pack for the Wii. Your friend is full of it.
    Many people are also asking about DLC on the Wii. There is still no information on any potential DLC for the Wii, but we will be sure to update this space once there is. Thank you for your patience.
    It was a patch and the fixes are listed in the COD guide in the section you posted in.

    Edit: Judging by your previous posts, if you were having issues it would be because you are trying to cheat and do other things that are against the forum rules. Thread closed, do not start another regarding Black Ops.
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