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    Cool Sweet

    I was looking for more information regarding the Wii, and I came across this sight. More specifically than information, I am wondering when the next shipment will be, so if anyone can help me out with that one, it would be most appreciated. As well, from what i have seen, this seems like a really interesting site with a lot of cool forums and the like.


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    I think from what i have heard the next shipment wont be until December 17th or so... hopefully I am wrong and it will arrive earlier

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    Hey Ogreman welcome to the community....if you want to know more about where/when it will be out check out the "wii spottings" section

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    They released in Wal-Mart this morning at 8a, and are sold there every 14 days or so. Circuit City, Best Buy, and Target get a new shipment every 30 days.

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    I believe someone on the forums said there will be a new shipment at BestBuy on the 16th.

    There is a forum just dedicated for "Wii-Spottings". Go check it out!

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    How about Nintendo just ships me one on the 8th. lol

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    There's supposed to be another shipment to Best Buy in my area tomorrow but I haven't heard much of it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bunze View Post
    How about Nintendo just ships me one on the 8th. lol
    lol.....Can you be so kind as to refer them to me after you are finished with them?

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    Supposedly Best Buy will be getting a good size shipment of Wii's on the same day the official Nintendo component cables arrive. Should happen store wide although it could end up being very YMMV.

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    Sure thing Johnny.

    Ha I should call and ask theres like a 1 in a million chance theyd do it, and thats good enough for me.

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