I had my wii modded. All i know is a nice military guy i found on CraigsList was offering Wii mods for a whopping ten bucks. NOW, I guess i have to update my Wii Shopping channel because it tells me to every time i try to use it. And i was told not to do any updates. That sucks!- i love the shopping channel! Free fun stuff! I also joined Netflix and wanted to connect it.
So, CAN I UPDATE MY SHOPPING CHANNEL WITHOUT JACKING UP MY MOD???? Or can i bypass it somehow?? Now, remember your talking to a Wii dumby-head!!! I dont understand the abbreviations or lingo in most of these wii post Forums!! As far as my Mod, no clue if its Hard or Soft?? WTF??

The only details i know is that i can download games from the internet and transfer them to my wii. i can download them automatically when i insert a cd in as well. But i dont use the Homebrew until just recently it said i was running out of room. And i just go to the USB loader for games. And i go to the MPlayer for the movies and music .Also it says i have 4.2u. i have had it for about 3 years now and i m bummed about not being able to use Wii Shopping!!!!

THANKS for your easy to understand english wii for dummies feed back!