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    Taiko no tatsujin

    i thought, if anyone else got the game, they might want a small guide to what i know, to it, since E3, keeps wanting to know stuff, and this might make you want to play it more.

    general information
    • the drum isn't needed to play
    • big red, or big blue, mean hit both sides of the drum
    • yellow are free spots, and you can just rack up points
    • balloons require you to pop them, you'll see a number that's the times needed for it to pop
    • there's also another one that is the same as the above, but you eat, do the same as above.
    • there is 70 songs in this game, some are unlocked
    • this game is in 99.9% Japanese, but it isn't required to play
    • wii mote, and classic controller can be used to play

    • 1 player
    • 2 player
    • wii menu

    2nd menu screen
    • save slot 1 - 4
    • green box is free play
    • back is the final one

    3rd menu
    • practice/story (red)
    • daily dojo (yellow)
    • rewards/tutorial (green)
    • options (blue)
    • back (purple)

    • you'll see various songs, those are the stages whatever you pick you'll do obviously
    • as you play, you'll see the drum fill with the WHITE part of the bar at the top, of the game play, once it fills the drum levels, and the story progresses.

    Song list
    -J-Pop- (11)
    虹 - Niji
    キセキ - Kiseki
    そばにるね - Soba ni Iru ne
    蕾 Tsubomi
    羞恥心 - Shuuchishin
    銀河鉄道999 - Ginga Tetsudou 999
    さくらんぼ - Sakuranbo
    夏祭り - Natsu Matsuri
    ポリリズム - Poririsumu
    海雪 - Umi Yuki

    -Anime- (11)
    アナタボシ - Anataboshi
    アンパンマンのマーチ Anpanman no maachi
    Jungle P
    Break the Chain
    夢をかなえてドラえもん Yume wo kanae te Doraemon
    プリキュア5、フル・スロットルGO GO! - Precure 5, Furu. Surottoru GO GO!
    ブルーバード - Blue Bird
    おどるポンポコリン - Odoru Ponpokorin
    もってけ! セーラーふく - Motteke! Sailor Fuku
    ヤッターマンの歌 - Yattaaman no Uta

    -Children/Folk- (2)
    もりのくまさん - Mori no Kumasan
    さくら(春)- Sakura (Haru)

    -Variety- (2)
    ミッキーマウス・マーチ - Miikii Mausu Maachi
    俺たちコロコロAge - Oretachi Korokoro Age

    -Classical- (9)
    ヴィリアム。テル序曲 - William Tell Overture
    「軽騎兵」序曲から - Calvary Light Overture
    ハンガリー舞曲第5番 - Hungarian Dances No.5
    第九交響曲 - Beethoven's 9th Symphony
    レクイエム 怒りの日より - Wrath of Requiem
    トッカータとフーガとロック - Toccata and Fugue and Rock
    カレ・カノ・カノン - Kare Kano Kanon
    オーソレミオ(私の太陽)- O Sole Mio (Watashi no Taiyou)
    リパブリック賛歌 - Republic Praise

    -Game- (6)
    スーパーマリオブラザーズ - Super Mario Bros. (Taiko 12 version)
    神さまのbirthday - Kami-sama no birthday
    Kamikaze Remix
    スターソルジャーメドレー - Star Soldier Medley
    ソウルキャリバーIV - Soulcalibur IV

    -Namco Original- (29)
    ハッピーてりッパ! - Happii de Rippa!
    エンジェルドリーム - Angel Dream
    エゴエゴアタクシ Ego Ego Atakushi
    季曲 ~seasons of Asia~ : Kikyoku ~seasons of Asia~
    ラ・モレーナ・クモナイ - Ra. Moreena.Kumonai
    風のファンタジー - Kaze no Fantasy
    伝説の祭り - Densetsu no Matsuri
    デザートde焼肉(サハラ編) - Dezaato de Yakiniku (Sahara Hen)
    Rotter Tarmination
    The Carnivorous Carnival
    さいたま2000 - Saitama2000
    ケチャドン2000 - Kechadon2000
    恋文2000 - Koibumi2000
    よくでる2000 - Yokuderu2000
    タベルナ2000 - Taberuna2000
    十露盤2000 - Soroban2000
    てんぢく2000 - Tenjiku2000
    きたさいたま2000 - Kita Saitama2000
    戦国三弦 - Sengoku Sangen
    Hole in the wall
    夜桜謝肉祭 - Yozakura Shanikusai
    どん子のファーストデート - Donko no Faasuto Deeto
    メカデス。 - Mekadesu
    われら無敵のドコン団 - Ware wa Muteki no Dokon dan
    太鼓のマーチ - Taiko March
    Stage 0.ac11
    メンクイミラクル - Menkui Mirakuru

    Song info screen (the stars mean how Fast/hard)
    • easy (red flower)
    • normal (green leaf
    • hard (tree)
    • oni (purple demon)
    • mods
    • sound options (don't mess with i don't see a point)
    • scores
    • back

    • normal (nothing special, default etc)
    • computer play (this doesn't auto win the stage for you, but it shows you how to do it)
    • 2x speed
    • 3x speed
    • 4x speed (if you cant do notes with almost no space between, then this makes them have bigger gaps, but move faster, same as above)
    • ninja (if you cant read Japanese DON'T DO IT! it makes all the cues invisible, and you need to read the note, to know what to click)
    • Swap (this is very good, if you find blue is easier to do, then all the reds are now blues, and vice versa)

    Score (same as the one after a song)
    • Rank of stage
    • what mod
    • highest combo
    • accuracy
    • gold
    • silver
    • misses
    • high scores *what place you came in if any*

    Daily Dojo (every day you get a new task *wii time so you can edit it*)
    • they will have various tasks, their rather obvious some of the common ones are...
    • Click the SUPER FAST icon, and get gold
    • get ___ gold
    • get a chain of ___
    • hit every note
    • get ___ amount or more
    • if you're close, you can get Silver too, and count for a complete, but gold give more points twords the Drum points, and twords title

    • back
    • story
    • rewards
    • tutorial

    story (this lets you review stories, but you can skip pushing +)
    • replays the story in order they went, if you see a face at the bottom, if you play it (and skip if u want) Don (the drum) will wear the corresponding costume.

    • back
    • controller (use common sense on this one)
    • speaker ratio (amount u want __ side to give)
    • unimportant (wont let me use it so dont worry about it)
    • icon change
    • Delete

    • Songs
    • mods
    • Oni
    • titles
    • costumes

    • if their missing from that list, that means you need em, and this is how to get them, their the BLUE 2x notes, not the red ones, those are unimportant for the most part.
    • get 100, 150, and 200 crowns
    • get 100, and 200 gold crowns
    • drum points *top right on the home screen) up to 99,999 which gets all the 2,000 songs
    • story mode till the end (its over when you see the credits =P)

    • Swap red for blue (50 crowns on Easy *flower stages*)
    • Ninja (50 crowns on normal *leafs)
    • 4x speed (50 crowns on hard *tree's*)
    • i dont know if oni gets one =\

    • i dont know how i got it, i think its play time, or something, it didn't mention, just play and you'll unlock it randomly

    • they are earned for doing ___ or winning ____ in dojo mode, they as of yet HAVE DONE NOTHING, i just earn more stages, or more red notes nothing important yet, but i think there's a costume or something at the end.
    • wood (tier 1)
    • red glossy (tier 2)
    • blue (tier 3)
    • orange, looks the same as the lower image you see (tier 4)
    • they might go for a while, but that's where i am, and they all mean something but i wasn't taking notes, and its important to know your title.

    • you can get these 2 ways that i have seen story, or crowns, story happens every now and then above every 2 - 4 levels, till higher. here are the ones i know. this also changes his voice too.
    • Baby
    • preschool
    • elementary school
    • Banchou (delinquent)
    • Robot/mech (same as when you let the game auto play, or when you get a prize for drum points)
    • armored (its black and really odd lol)
    • normal drum/don (like you see on the box, its just generic)
    • golden armor (its old, with wings, you get it for getting 150 crowns)
    • there might be more, but these are all i got, and have heard of, like i said if you rewatch the movie with the costumes picture at the bottom, you wear that costume, over whatever one you're currently wearing.

    i hope this helps, if anyone has a question just ask, but i think this will help make some or maybe no one, have a bit more of a import friendly time with this amazing game.

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